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If you meet all of the criteria described on the home page, please come into the clinic to pick up a new patient intake paperwork (described below).  An appointment will be set at that time for you to turn in your paperwork and give us a chance to review our care process with you.
If you are not sure if you qualify for our services, take our Eligibility Check quiz below or call for an appointment to complete our pre-screening form. If needed, we can also schedule you for an in-person evaluation with our nurse to see if you meet the clinic's medical criteria.
If you are unable to come in during business hours, please leave us a message on the intake line or complete the pre-screening form and leave it in our after-hours drop box.


We complete new patient intakes Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from

8:30 am-4:30 pm.

Please schedule an appointment with our staff and be sure to bring with you the information below.

What paperwork should I bring to the intake?*


*Do not delay medical care if you do not have all of these forms. Bring what you have and we will work with you.

We also have volunteers on-site who can help you complete any paperwork. 


  • Proof of identity (bring one)

    • Picture ID (ideally a Driver's License, State-issued ID, or Passport)


  • Proof of Newton, Jasper, or Walton County residency (bring one)

    • Some sort of mail or a bill that comes to your address in your name (ideally a utility bill)


  • Proof of income (or no income) for you and any legal spouse (bring one) 

    • 1040, 1099, or W2 Form for last year

    • Check stubs for your 30 days of work (you can text or email screenshots if information is on your phone)

    • Unemployment benefit information for the last 30 days

    • Food Stamp Award Letter or official documents from another Social Services Agency that lists your income

    • Disability or Worker’s Compensation Notification Form with your payment amount

    • If you have not worked and have no income, go to the GA Department of Labor in Covington and ask for a copy of your "wage statement" 


  • Letter of Support

    • If you are supported by another person, please bring a letter, signed by them, that states what they help you with (a place to live, food, etc)


  • List of your monthly expenses

    • This will help you complete your new patient paperwork



  • Your medical information

    • Any medicine bottles

    • Your blood sugar or blood pressure monitor if you have one

    • Any medical records or hospital records



How soon will I be seen by the doctor?

You must complete the intake paperwork and have new patient blood work drawn before you can be seen by a doctor.    The blood work will give the doctor an idea of your overall health and will be drawn at the clinic at no cost to you. ​ Your appointment will be scheduled as soon as possible based on volunteer doctor availability.  Our current wait time for a new patient to see the doctor is less than two weeks.

What should I bring to my doctor appointment?


  • Any medicine bottles

  • Your blood sugar or blood pressure monitor if you have one

  • Any medical records or hospital records

Do I have to pay?

Medical care at Willing Helpers is ALWAYS free.

Many of our patients like to make a small donation ($10 or less) to support the clinic, but a donation is NEVER required.

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